“Mashinokop” is a private company founded in Kavadarci with 155 employees with headquarters Marshall Tito Square 17 / 2Kavadarci.

The main business activity of “Mashinokop” is surface and underground mining of mineral resources, with special mining equipment and construction machinery. Technically,”Mashinokop” is equipped with: electric excavators, hydraulic excavators, electric drill, hydraulic drill, standard trucks, articulated trucks, rubber rollers, steel rollers, roller (tire, iron), bulldozers, dozer, graders, trucks – tipper, loading shovels, truck for transporting concrete, concrete truck – pump, pavers etc. Specialized for carrying out Blasting Mine works, trade with explosives for commercial activities in the mining and construction as well as construction of facilities, technical testing and analysis and constructing buildings that is our secondary business activity. Within this complex, works a quarry for separated fractions capacity of 60 m3/h, concrete base with a capacity of 65 m3/h, tubiera for manufacturing of concrete pipes for fecal canalization from f150 to 1000 mm, quarry for crushed stone (diabase) capacity 80 m3/h, and the asphalt with a capacity of 100 t/h. In mining of “Mashinokop” assigned to work in several quarries and mines throughout the country, and entrusted the specific work of dam-Knezhevo Zletovo. At stake is a strong team with machinery which had left results in surface and underground mines and quarries in R. Macedonia and abroad.

“Mashinokop” today is a company that is ready and is in realization on the surface mine Bucim Radovish, Rzhanovo-Feni and REK Bitola, Brod-Gneotino mining ore and slag but according to the investor, the Company has a capacity of 5-10 million meters cubic year. The company will begin this year with completion of projects in R. Macedonia such as penetration, expansion and paving of roads, excavation of sand, gravel, stone and other mines and metallic and non-metallic materials. The holding company also belong to these companies :

– “Elta – 96” Kavadarci
– “Mashinogradba” Kavadarci